Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Tobi vs Naruto Boss Battle

Naruto Shippuden 

Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Tobi vs Naruto Boss Battle


Mokuton Mokujoheki

Mokuton : Mokuton Mokujoheki

(Mokuton Mokuton Mokujou heki)
Yamato Jutsu in GTA San Andreas.

Kanji 木遁・木錠壁
Rōmaji Mokuton: Mokujōheki
Literal English Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall
English TV Wood Style: Domed Wall Jutsu

in Anime

by Trinh178

(Mokuton Mokujouheki & Mokuton Shichūrō no Jutsu)

Download Yamato Jutsu GTA San Andreas

Download link (from original author) password : trinh178

mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 mirror 4 mirror 5


How to Install
"*-Mo Ta
- Download ve co 3 thu muc 1 file txt
 + Add GTA3
 + Huong Dan
 + Data

* Cai Dat
- Copy / Cut 3 thu muc "CLEO , data" vao xx/GTA san andreas
- Dung phan mem "Alci's IMG Editor 1.5" mo file "gta3.img".
Tren "Alci's IMG Editor 1.5" chon "Actions/Import (remove if exists)"
Bang " Open" hien len chon tat ca cac file trong thu muc "Add GTA3" roi nhan "Open".
Sau do "Save" la xong.
++ Ket Thuc Phan Cai Dat ++

*Su Dung
+ Nhot Nguoi`

-Vao game gui chuot phai de chon nguoi + " M " => Kich hoat ( bam " M " => OFF )

+ Makuton Mokujoui Heki

-Vao game nhan " M " => Kich hoat

               " M " => OFF

Luu y : ko su dung 2 jutsu trong 1 lan

How to Use

+ Makuton

keep right + "M" => On
             "M" => Off

+ Makuton Mokujoui Heki

 "M" => On

 "M" => Off

CLEO compatible : CLEO 4


Naruto Map Pictures

Naruto Map Pictures

Some pictures from Naruto anime, manga, art for reference:
World map by Okojo Uchiha


Madara vs Hashirama

Madara Uchiha vs Hashirama Senju


Japan Version from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation 

English Version from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation

Player Mod Akatsuki Robe

GTA San Andreas Player Mod

Akatsuki Outfit


Author: indra p

Website: http://indrapmods.wordpress.com/
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 02 Jun 2010

Some Video about this mod :

GTA Naruto Shinobi World

GTA Naruto Shinobi World


GTA San Andreas Naruto Shinobi World 

Feature: collection from several Naruto mods  till 2011.
From additional mods, google it or check this blog.

Control in game:
Press G : appears cobblestone click LMB to throw;
Click on TAB + Q or TAB + E - change the skins (TOBI, Madara and Kakuzu);
When clicking on the N + and turns back to Toby, in this mode can do:
Shadow clone - key J +1;
Substitution - the keys J +2;
To exit - key J + C;
When you click on O - Katon Goukakyuu No Jutsu;
When you click on F7 - lightning;
When you log into the water squeeze on Y - now walk on water, to exit press N;
When clicking on the K + T - call for a sword;
If you come right up to the passer or Kopu and press P, then we do HENGE NO Jutsu (Technique of Rebirth);
If you hold down the RMB and click on F, then we can fight at once 3 wrestling - boxing, kung fu, Teykvando;
When you click on NUM 5 + NUM X do Sutemi.
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